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How to find and book the perfect accommodation for your next cycling holiday

It’s as easy as search, book, stay & ride

Discover accommodation across the world in the best cycling destinations






1. Enter the city, region, or country where you want to go in our search engine.

2. Enter your travel dates to get accurate pricing and availability.

3. Use filters and maps on the results page to fine tune your search.

Ready To Book

1. Complete your booking online and finalise payment through the Bed and Bike platform. It’s as easy as riding a bike.

2. Click the “Book Now” button, enter your information, and your reservation request will be sent immediately to the property owner or manager.

3. Within 24 hours maximum (often much faster!), you’ll receive an email letting you know if your reservation request has been accepted or denied.

4. An invoice will be generated within the Bed and Bike platform where you can go and pay for your trip. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards with PayPal.

Secure Payments with PayPal

When using the Bed and Bike platform you must have a PayPal account to book. If you don’t follow this link and sign up for free. No stress it’s simple. Some owners might want to add a security deposit to their property, once your holiday is over we can then refund the security deposit straight back to your account within 5 working days. Simple.


If you would like to find out more about the payment system please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Not quite ready to book?

You can send an email to the owner or property manager through our secure messaging system by clicking on the “Contact Owner” link directly from the property’s listing page.

Still not sure? why not contact a member of the Bed and Bike team to discuss any booking related issues. We would be delighted to help resolve any issues.

We encourage our owners and property managers to respond in 24 hours or less. Our system automatically prompts owners and managers to check their emails. Making your experience as stress-free as possible.

If your conversations with an owner or property manager lead to an agreement to book the property, you will be asked to complete the booking directly through our website.


Once you’ve booked your stay, we want to help make your experience checking in and out as easy as possible so you can focus on creating special memories!

Access to the full details of your trip and more efficiently manage your communications with the property owner/manager through the Bed and Bike Platform.

After your stay, you can even let other travellers know how great it was by leaving a review on the bookings page of your chosen accommodation. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Last but not least enjoy some riding


Please share your experiences with us on social media.
We would love to see how much fun you had.

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